Month: September 2007

Ghost Of You

Intro Bm, Em, F#m Verse I never, said I’d lie in wait forever Bm              D           Em If I died we’d be together F#m                 Bm I can’t always just forget her D        Em But she could try F#m Chorus At the end of the world G Or the last thing I see Em You are Never

This Is How I Disappear

INTRO Dm   Gm      A    F    Gm 4X GO! Dm       Gm        C       F To un-explain the unforgivable, Bb                Em Drain all the blood and give the kids a show. A By streetlight this dark night, Dm       Gm        C       F A séance down below. Bb                Em There’re things that I have done, A                     D*****F*****E*****C#*****G*** You never should


E                          E they’re gonna clean up your looks E                          E with all the lies and the books E                        B to make a citizen out of you A           A because they sleep with a gun E and keep an eye on you son B                      E so they can watch all the things you do E                          E

I Don’t Love You

Intro: C Am G F G Verse: C Well when you go Am don’t ever think i’ll make you try to stay G and maybe when you get back C I’ll be off to find another way C And after all this time that you still owe Am you’re still the good for nothing i


Intro: G-F-Em-Cm Yeah! G And if your heart stops beating F#m               Bm I’ll be here wondering Em            Cm Did you get what you deserve? G The ending of your life and if you get to heaven F#m               Bm I’ll be here waiting, babe Em              Cm Did you get what you deserve? Am The end, and

Cemetery Drive

B This night G# Walk the dead D#m        C#m               B         G# In a solitary style and crash the cemetery gates D#m                 C#m In the dress your husband hates B Way down G# Mark the grave D#m                     C#m        B          G# Where the searchlights find us drinking by the mausoleum door D#m              C#m And they found you


A                                     Bm Well they encourage all complete cooperation, E                                     A    E A Send you roses when they think you need to smile. A                                     Bm I can’t control myself because I don’t know how, E And they love me for it honestly, E I’ll be here for a while. Chorus: A                   Bm So give them blood,

Astro Zombie

G I don’t want a lot for Christmas G/B there is just one thing I need C I don’t care about the presents Cm underneath the Christmas tree G       Bm       C/E     D I just want you for my own G        Bm         C/E     D more than you could ever know C Make my wish come true…

Loe To Ye

Intro : D  A  Bm  G 2x D Tingkah lo koq bikin hacii A gaya lo koq bikin hacii Bm wangi lo koq bikin hacii G dandanan lo bikin hacii hacii D Bicara lo bikin hacii A siulan lo bikin hacii Bm nafas lo koq bikin hacii G elo hacii gue makin hacii Int :


Intro : E F#m G#m A 2x E        F#m   G#m Bunga di taman F#m       E        F#m G#m F#m seindah redup bulan E           F#m    G#m Kumbang pun berbaris F#m          E        F#m G#m F#m ingin sentuh tubuhnya E                F#m    G#m Bergoyang ditiup angin F#m        E    F#m G#m F#m menari liukkan tubuhnya E          F#m  G#m Semilir angin iringi