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Dream On

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Intro:    Fm  Cm/F  |  Fm6  Bbm6  |  Fm  C7sus4  |  Fm

Verse 1:  Fm            Fm7          Fm6            Bbm6
  Ev’ry     time that I  look in the  mirror
  All these lines on my  face gettin’ clearer
            The past is  gone
  It went   by like      dusk to      dawn

Bridge:   Dm7b C    Dm7b5     Bbm6
  Isn’t that the way  ev’rybody’s got their dues in life to pay?

  C  C#maj7  |  D7  C7

Chorus:   Fm          Eb               C#                 Eb
  I know      nobody knows     where it comes and where it goes
  I know it’s ev’ryvody’s sin; you got to lose to know how to win

  Fm  Fm7  |  Fm6  Bbm6  |  Fm  Fm9  |  Fm

Verse 2:  Fm            Fm7          Fm6            Bbm6
  Half my       life’s in    books’ written pages
  Lived and     learned from fools and from sages
  You know it’s true
  All these     things       come back to   you.

Chorus:   Fm                 Eb
          Sing with me,     sing for the years.
  C#     Eb
  Sing for the laughter and sing for the tears.
  Fm     Eb
  Sing with me if it’s     just for today,
  Dm7b5     C#maj7
  Maybe tomorrow the        good Lord will take you away

  Bbm C Bbm C Bbm C Bbm C | Bbm C Bbm C Bbm C Bbm C

  Bb        C         C#            Eb                           Fm
  Dream on, dream on, dream on,     dream yourself a dream come  true.
  Dream on, dream on, dream on, and dream until your dream comes true.
          Bb     C       D Eb
  Dream on, dream on, dream on, dream on,
  F     G       Ab Bb
  Dream on, dream on, dream on, ah
  Bbm C Bbm C Bbm C Bbm C | Bbm C Bbm C Bbm C Bbm C

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