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Santa Fe

Intro: G  D  Em Am   C  D G             D            Em They say that no man is an island. Am          C                 D And good things come to those who wait. G                     D               Em But things I hear are there just to remind me. C     D                 Em Every dog will have his day. G        D               Em The

It’s My Life

Intro: C5 G#5 G5 [x2] Verse 1: C5 . . . C5 . . . C5 . . . G#5. G5. This aint a song for the broken hearted C5 . . . C5 . . . C5 . . . G#5. G5. A silent prayer for the faith departed C5 . . . C5

Have A Nice Day

Intro : B5m  D5  G5  D5  A5 B5m  D5  G5  D5  A5 B5m  D5  G5  D5  A5 B5m  D5  G5  D5  A5 B5m                                         B5m  D5  G5  A5 Why, you wanna tell me how to live my life? B5m                                            B5m  D5  G5  A5 Who, are you to tell me if it’s black or white? Bridge :

All About Loving You

[G] [-] [D/F#] [-] [F] [-] [C] [G]Looking at the pages of my [D/F#]life Faded [F]memories of me and you [C]Mistakes you know I’ve made a few [G]I took some shots and fell from time t[D/F#]o time Baby,[F] you were there to pull me through We’ve [C]been around the block a time or [Em]two I’m


Intro : E-A-C#m-B-A C# this romeo is bleeding B but you can’t see his blood A it’s nothing but some feelings …………C#…………………..B that this old dog kicked up C# it’s been raining since you left me …………….B now I’m drowning in the flood A you see I’ve always been a fighter ……………B……………..A-B-C# but without you

You Want To Make A Memory

C Hello again, it’s you and me C/B Kinda always like it used to be Em Sippin’ wine, killing time F Trying to solve life’s mysteries C How’s your life, it’s been awhile? C/B God it’s good to see you smile Em I see you reaching for your keys F Looking for a reason not

Blaze Of Glory

Intro : D Dm I wake up in the morning C And I raise my weary head G I’ve got an old coat for a pillow Dm And the earth was last night’s bed F I don’t know where I’m going C Only God knows where I’ve been G I’m a devil on the run

I’ll Be There For You

Into : D Em G D 2 Em I guess this time you're really leaving G D I hear your suitcase say good-bye Em and as my broken heart lies bleeding G D You say true love is suicide. Em You say you cried a thousand rivers G D and now you're swimming for the