After Life Of The Party

Intro: F (x4)

F                       Dm
I’m a stitch away, from making it
Bb                         F      C/E
And a sca—r away, from falling apart, apart
F/A                          Gm
Blood cells pixelate and the eyes dilate
Bb                                 F        C/E
And the full moon pills got me Out on the street at night

Bb        F                  C
Cut it loo—se, Watch you work the room
(Repeat 4 times)

Interlude: F

Verse 2:
F                         Dm
Put love on hold, young hollywood
Bb                 F-C/E
Is on the other li—-ne
F/A                        Gm
Her nose runs ruby red, Deaths in a double bed
Bb                                         F        C/E
Singin’ songs that could only Catch the ear of the desperate

(Repeat Chorus and interlude)

Verse 3: Different tune compared to verse 1
F                       Dm
I’m a stitch away, from making it
Bb                      F      C/E
And a scar away, from falling apart, apart
F/A                       Gm
Blood cells pixelate, and eyes dilate
Bb                                         Bb         C/E
Kiss away young thriills and kills On the mouths of, all my friends

(Repeat Chorus singing a higher voice)

end on F

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