Of All The Gin Joints In The World

Guitar 1:
F G A (Fast)C
F G A  D(slide to) C
x 3

Guitar 2 (comes in with vocals):
Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh…

Guitar 1: C (all throughout)
Guitar 2:
F/E      F
You only hold me up like this
F/E      F
Cause you dont know who i really am
F/E         F            A              G          F
Sometimes I just want to know what It’s like to be you
F/E    F
We’re making out inside crashed cars
F/E     F
we’re slipping through all the memories
F/E    F             A           G     F
I used to waste my time dreaming of being alive
( Now I only waste it dreaming Of you )

Chorus (Both Guitars Same, The First An Octave Above):
C             G
Turn Off the lights
A             F
and turn off the shyness
C          G          A          F
cause all of our moves make up for the silence
C       G
and oh, the way
A             F
your make up stains my pillow case
C          G            F (first chord of intro)
like we’ll never be the same

(straight into intro again)

2nd Verse:
F/E  F
You Only Hold Me up like this
F/E      F
cause you dont know who i really am
F/E     F             Asus2
i used to waste my time on
F             Asus2
waste my time on…
F             Asus2             F     G A C E
watse my time dreaming of being alive
(now i only waste it dreaming of you)


Bridge(Palm Muted):
F/E      F             F/E               F
I’ve Got Headaches and Bad luck but they couldn’t touch you, no x2
F/E                      F (not PM)
I’m Not trying, you only hold me up like this



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