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Don’t Cry

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Verse 1.
Am           Dm
Talk to me softly
G                  C
There’s something in your eyes
Am                Dm
Don’t hang your head in sorrow
G                C
And please don’t cry
Am              Dm
I know how you feel inside
G                       C
I’ve I’ve been there before
Am            Dm
Somethin’s changin’ inside you
G              C
And Don’t you know

F         G    Am
Don’t you cry tonight.

I still love you baby.
F         G     Am
Don’t you cry tonight.
F         G     C
Don’t you cry tonight.
There’s a heaven above you baby.
F             G     Am
And don’t you cry tonight.

Verse 2. (chords same as above)

Give me a whisper. And give me a sigh.
Give me a kiss before you tell me goodbye.
Don’t you take it so hard now. And please don’t take it so bad.
I’ll still be thinkin’ of you. And the times we had…baby.


Verse 3.

And please remember that I never lied.
And please remember how I felt inside now honey.
You gotta make it your own way. But you’ll be alright now sugar.
You’ll feel better tomorrow. Come the morning light now baby.


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