The Little Give You Away

Am, D x2

Am                      D
Water grey through the windows Up the stairs
Am                    D
Chilling rain Like an ocean Everywhere

Don’t want to reach for me do you?
I mean nothing to you
The Little Things Give You Away
And now there will be no mistaking
The levees are breaking
Am   G           D
All you’ve ever wanted
E          Am        G     D    E
Was someone to truly look up to you
Am   G     F     Dm
And six feet / under water
I do

Hope decays
Generations disappear
Washed away
As a nation simply stares

All you’ve ever wanted
Was someone to truly look up to you
And six feet under ground now I
Now I do

(C and D switching)
Little things give you away  x5

(Little things give you away)            \
C                         |
All you’ve ever wanted                  | x6
D                 |
Was someone to truly look up to you      /

(Little things give you away)