A Soundtrack Of This Rainy Morning

Intro: G–Eb (x2)

Verse 1:
G     Eb           C         Eb             G
All this useless beauty is haunting to my heart
D/F#              C           Eb
Dim the headlights, lay beneath this Starry sea of night

cm            Bm           Bb              Eb
Oh, sounds of silence so enchanting, all embracing
cm             G
So seductive and so pure

Chorus 1:
C F      Bb           G
Oh, I’m so sensitive, alright
C F         Bb             G
Oh  Beauty is touched by the light

Interlude: G-Eb

Verse 2:
G         D/F#              C
Stare into lights on this motorway
Eb              G
Approaching in the night
D/F#             C
I often wonder what it’d feel like
Eb                                       G
A slight jump to the right Everything goes blind

Chorus 2:
C F      Bb           G
Oh, I’m so sensitive, alright
C F          Bb             G
Oh  Sadness so touched by the light

Interlude 2: G–Eb-Cm (x3) Bb G–Eb-Cm (x3) Bb

Eb  cm         Bm                 Bb
Oh, sound of sadness, beautiful sadness Whispering softly
Eb               Bm(hold)                G
And this final portion of night, it is ours

(Repeat Chorus 1)

Outro:  G–Eb-Cm (x3) Bb G–Eb-Cm (x3) Bb