Act V Scene Iv And So It Ends Like It Begins

Intro: F#m–D-E (x2)

Verse 1:
the smell of incense
D               E
it fills the air inside this room
F#m                            D    E
cast of light colorly strewn about the floor
a casket lined with pills
D               E
and the bitter taste of absinth
F#m            D              E
to wash it down and so it ends like it began

Chorus 1:
A    E/G#        F#m
at a cross along this interstate
D                        E
a worn inscription all cracked and faded
A           E/G#         F#m
these actions will remain when bodies turn to dust
and from this monument
E                                F#m–D-E(x2)
i will drown inside the anguish of your heart

Verse 2:
a new dawn broke this morning
D               E
tears were raining in this room
as pure as holy water
D         E
reflecting images of you
this world is like a whore
D             E        F#m
so ravish and so beautiful
D   E
so bitter cold and all alone

Chorus 2:
A        E/G#           F#m
and if i had my way we’d wake up on the day we met
i’d stare into your heart for hours
and try to make you hear the sweetest thoughts
A        E/G#            F#m
but not tonight we die inside each others arms
we’d revel in our last embrace
i’d steal the breath right from your heart
and kiss you as we die

D                E              A        F#m
i rest my lifeless head upon your heart forever (x3)

Interlude: D–E–A–F#m (x2)

D                      E              A/C#    F#m
maybe i’ll bring you sunlight after all i’m sorry
D                      E              A       F#m
maybe i’ll bring you sunlight after all i’m sorry (x4)

Interlude: D–E–A–F#m–D-E-A/C#-F#m

D                  E              A       F#m
maybe i’ll greet sunlight after all I’m sorry
D                  E              A
maybe i’ll greet sunlight after all