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21 Days

Intro: Bass Solo: D– x16 Distortion: D–A-Bm-G- x2 Verse 1: D                   A My mind wanders as I’m trying G                    F#m not to fall in love with you D            A Cause everytime I awake I G               F#m ponder on my mistakes of D                 A What I said it is always my G                    F#m esteem that I

First Date

c In the car I just can’t wait, g                f to pick you up on our very first date c Is it cool if I hold your hand? g                  f Is it wrong if I think it’s lame to dance? c Do you like my stupid hair? g                    f Would you guess that I didn’t

Rock Show

A  D E x2 A  (muted) verse 1 A Hanging out behind the club at the weekends D                       E Acting stupid, getting drunk with my best friends A I couldn´t wait for the summer and the Warped Tour D                     E I remember it´s the first time I saw her there A  D E x2 verse

Stay Together For The Kids

D It’s hard to wake up Bm When the shades have been pulled shut A This house is haunted, it’s so pathetic, it makes no sense at all. D I’m ripe with things to say Bm The words rot and fall away. A If a stupid poem could fix this home I’d read it every

Adams Song

v1 C Am Em i never thought i’d die alone F C i laughed the loudest who’d have known Am Em i traced the chord back to the wall F C no wonder it was never plugged in at all Am Em i took my time i hurried up F C i choice was mine

What Went Wrong

A           F#m I’m sick of always hearing Eii               D All those sad songs on the radio A          F#m All day it is there to remind Eii              D An over-sensitive guy that he’s lost and alone yeah Intro A                     F#m I hate our favourite restaurant

Wendy Clear

C                                                          G   F lets take the boat out to the bay, forget your job for just one day A                F          C i wish it didnt have to be so bad C                                                          G    F it might be inappropriate because, you where your baggage tight “oh yeah” A                F          C i wish it didnt have to be


Verse: c5 pm———————- A5———— F5—- And when the day ends I’m sure she feels sorrow (repeat last part) The lonely guy I am, I like to watch her change c5                            A5           f5 I’ve been here two days, I’ll sure be here tomorrow c5                           A5 I’d eat her all if she were on my dinner plate

The Girl Next Door

G5                                 B5                                E5 White girl living in the city in a big apartment house C5 She’s livin’ with her boyfriend now G5                                        B5 She drives of every day for school and work E5                                           C5 she washes dishes now and watches TV on the pull out couch Chorus: G5             B5                E5                 C5 But every day’s the

Pathetic Live

Verse1: C i know i’m pathetic i knew when she said it Gii                    Fii a loser a bum’s what she called me when i drove her home C there’s no more waiting and sure no more wasting Gii                    Fii i’ve done all i can but she still wants to be left alone (same chords) you