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Intro: F-C# (6x) F I saw you again C# I think you used me again F Should we try thgis again before We give up and move on C# And pretend to restore What we have and hold on Chorus: Ab             C-A-C#-F-G-Ab At times like these Ab         C-A-C#-F-G-Ab hold Its obvious F-C# (3x) F I

I’m Lost Without You

Intro: C-C/B-Am-C/B C C/B Am I swear that I can go on forever C/B again C C/B Please let me know that my one Am C/B bad day will end Am G C I will go down as your lover, your C/B friend Am G C Give me your lips and with one kiss, C/B

I Miss You

Intro and Verse Chords: C    C/B    Am    G C    C/B    Am    G    C C              C/B Hello there, the angel from my nightmare Am                              G The shadow in the background of the morgue C         C/B The unsuspecting victim of darkness in the valley Am                             G We can live like Jack and Sally if we want C

I Won’t Be Home For Christimas

*INTRO: G,E,D,C *VERSE 1: G E C D Outside the carollers start to sing, I can’t describe the joy they bring cause joy is something they bring me G E C D My girlfriend is by my side, from the roof are hanging sicles of ice they’re whiny voices get irritating G It’s Christmas time

Hold On

C                                         G         F I hear the phone, it rings so violently C                                                                G           F Can’t leave my room, can’t breathe since she left me C                                       G           F I will admit, I hate those things I said C                                                      G               F Girls always cry, guys will never admit they did Chorus: C             G      F Hold on, hold

Everytime I Look For You

————– Intro ————– I never found out why you left him B5 But this answer begs that question B5 Too blind to see tomorrow B5 Too broke to beg or borrow B5 Young and Stupid, left wide open Hearts are wasted, lives are broken (play main riff) ————– Verse 1 ————– One more point of


Intro E (x32) E–F#m-A (x2) Verse 1 B             C#m      A             B One more time you will laugh without it C#m         A   E And he’ll never try to give you more G#m   A      E And I don’t care cause he is such a dick G#m A    B He treats you like you a stupid whore B                

Easy Target

————————- Intro ————————- (drum intro) (guitar kicks in) F#5               A5   E5   (4x) ————————- Verse 1 ————————- All her signals are getting lost in the ether C#5                                   B5       C#5  A5m (That’s what she wanted) (A5m ringing) She’s a landslide with a city beneath her C#5                                   B5       C#5  A5m (That’s what she wanted) (A5m ringing) So take

Dysentery Gary

INTRO CONT.: D    G  A(x2) D                        D Got a lotta heart ache.  He’s a fucken weasel. G                              A His issues make my mind ache.  Wanna make a deal. D                                 D Cause I love your little motions. You with your pigtails. G                      A What a nice creation.  Worth another night in jail. D He’s a player,

Dick Lips

Intro: A – D – A – E    x2 Verse: A Please, mom You ground me all the time D I know that I was right E All along A And I’m hoping Remember I’m a kid D I know not what I did E Just having fun Pre-Chorus: A                  D You couldn’t wait for