Category: Blink 182


Intro: G-Bm-c-G G             Bm Last night it came as a picture c                       A With a good reason of a warning sign G              Bm This place is void  of all passion c                 A If you can imagine it’s easy if you try G              Bm Believe me I failed this effort c                    A I wrote a reminder

Apple Shampo

INTRO: C5 (let it fade) She didn’t mean to deceive you, believe me But sometimes the hardest part is conceiving A5 The good intentions that you had F5 Now only came to this A5 And although she saw the mark D5    F5ii The arrow missed. C5 (let it fade) It isn’t exciting reciting the stories


D           A           G I’ve been here before a few times D          A            G And I’m quite aware we’re dying D          A           G And your hands they shake with goodbyes D          A           G And I’ll take you back if you’d have me D(3 STRUMS) So here I am I’m trying A(3 STRUMS) So here I am

Damn It

Intro: Play 4 Times |—————————————————————| |—————————————————————| |—————————————————————| |—————————————————————| |———5-5–7——–5-5–7——-5-5–7——–7-7—5——| |—-8-8———–3-3———-5-5———–1-1—————| C            G          A              F It’s alright to tell me what you think about me C          G         A           F I won’t try to argue, or hold it against you C           G             A             F I know that you’re leavin, you must have your reasons C         G           A           

All The Small Things

Intro: (C G A F ) 2x C       G             F All the , small things G               C True care, truth brings G          F I’ll take, one left G             C Your right, best trip G       F Always, I know G          C You’ll be at my show G         F         G      C Watching, waiting, commiserating G                   F              C