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Redemption Song

G                      Em Em7 Old Pirates, yes, they rob I. C        G/B      Am Sold I to the merchant ships G                  Em      C         G/B        Am minutes after they took I   from the bottomless pit. G            Em Em7 But my hand was made strong C      G/B           Am By the hand of the Almighty. G                   Em    C   Am7    D

One Love

Bb   F   Eb   F  F7  Bb F One Love, one heart. Eb          Bb         F              Bb Let’s get together and feel all right. Hear the children crying.  (One love.) F Hear the children crying.  (One heart.)  Sayin’, Eb                       Bb              F             Bb “Give thanks and praise to the Lord and I will feel all right.” Eb            Bb      


| Bm    | E7 | We’re jamming G                 | F#m7 | I wanna jam it with you, Bm    | E7      | We’re jamming jamming G                   | F#m7 | and I hope you like jamming too. Bm             E7       | Bm       E7  | Ain’t no rules ain’t no vow we can do it anyhow G                     |  F#m7  

Could You Be Loved

Cm Cm Cm Cm Eb Eb          Cm   Cm Could you be loved Ab Ab      Eb    Eb and be loved? Eb Eb          Cm   Cm Could you be loved Ab Ab      Eb    Cm and be loved? Cm                Cm Fm Fm Fm Fm Don’t let them fool you Cm    Cm          Cm        Cm Fm Fm

Buffalo Soilder

Intro –   A7    A7 Chorus 1 A                    F#m Buffalo Soldier,Dreadlock Rasta, A There was a Buffalo Soldier, F#m In the heart of America A                         F#m Stolen from Africa,brought to America A                         F#m Fighting on arrival,fighting for survival Verse 1 D         C#m           D         C#m I mean it, when I analyse the stench, C#m7       Bm7      F#m To

African Herbsman

G              Em All twinklin’ lee G                             Em Can’t see the right rose when the streams a-bate G             Em The old slave men might grind slow C         G But it grinds fine, yeah Chorus 1: G                    Em African herbsman, why linger on? G                          Em Just concen-trate, ’cause heaven lives on G                          Em Greet-I-eth slave men will

One Drop

G          Em Feel it in the one drop C                             D And we’ll still find time to rap G       Em We’re making the one stop C                D The generation gap G           Em So feel this drum beat C               D As it beats within G       Em Playing a rhythm C                        D resisting against the system G        Em              

No Woman No Cry

G  C  G/B  Am7  F  C  F  C  G C    G/B           Am  F No woman, no cry. C    F         C      G No woman, no cry. C    G/B             Am           F No woman,       no cry.                      1st verse Here Little darlin’, don’t shed no tears.    2nd verse C    F         C      G No woman, no cry. G Said, said,