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Keep Your Hands Off My Girl

Intro:G#5 D5-D#5 (x2) G#5 D5-D#5 G#5 Let the record play (x3) G#5 D5-D#5-G#5 The way that you dance, the way that you move G#5 D5-D#5-G#5 The way that you stare at me across the room G#5 D5-D#5-G#5 You carry Dior bags and you got your Channel G#5 D5-D#5-G#5 You wear Louis Vuitton, HG, and YSL

World Is Black

C                       D Turn on channel 7 at a quarter to eight Em                           D you see the same damn thing its just a different day and C                D                 Em no one really knows why this is happening but its happening C                                 D and everywhere you go its just a different place Em you get the same


E———0———-0———-0———-0-| H———1———-1———-1———-1-| G——2————————————-| D—-2————3———–2———2—-| A—————3———–3———2——| E——————————————–| F    G Look at all these happy people, liv    ing their lives F    G Look at all these plastic people th    ere’s nothing inside F    G Look at all these shallow people, tel    ling their lies F    G Look at all these empty people, peo    ple Chorus Am    F


Verse – Power Chords you will use (D   C    Bb    A F    C/E) Pre-Chorus chords  (F    F   G   G) Chorus chords (open chords during the break) (D    Bb    F    G) Verse: (power chords) D     C                Bb     A As I walk through the valley of the F      C/E D shadow of  L.A. D         C         Bb      A

I Just Wanna Live

Intro : A# – G# – F# – G# (2x) VERSE 1: A#    G#           F# I need an alarm system in my house G#                   A#       G# So I know when people are creeping about F#           G# These people are freakin’ me out A#           G#          F#           G# It’s getting hectic everywhere that I go A#         G#

Festival Song

Verse 1: D                  A     G Don’t care about a thing today. D                A      G I use to but I’m fed up. D                  A         G And I can hear the words you say. D                     A       G I wish that you would shut up. D        A       G I’ve got responsibility. D          A     G That is my liability.


Verse 1: Em7add9    D* Dsus               C2 Hey dad,                I’m  writing  to  you Em7add9   D* Dsus          C2 Not  to   tell  you  that  I  still  hate  you Em7add9   D* Dsus             C2 Just  to  ask  you  how  you  feel C2 And  how  we  fell  apart C2          (stop) How  this  fell  apart. Em7add9  D* Dsus               C2 Are  you  happy   

Day That I Die

Intro :  A E D A  x2 [Verse 1] A One day I woke up E I woke up knowing D                       A Today is the day I will die A Cashdogg was barking E Went to the park and D                     A Enjoyed that one last time A I called my mother E Told her I


Intro/Verse C7 F#      C7         F#         C7           F# Alright, here we go, here we go, here we go C7       F#           C7            F# C7        F# And we’ve been here for so many years, still it seems as if C7          F#             C7 you’re not there, are you there?………..(cont.) Chorus C        G             Am           E  Am      E Ya we’ve been

Christmas By Phone

Intro : B Verse B            F# Another year, Another tree E            E But this year you won’t be with me B        F#          E And it don’t, feel much like Christmas B            F# We used to watch the same old shows E            E Sing Social