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21 Guns

Intro: Dm – A# – F – C (x2) Verse: Dm A# F C Do you know what’s worth fighting for, Dm A# F C When it’s not worth dying for? Dm A# F C Does it take your breath away A# C And you feel yourself suffocating? Dm A# F C Does the pain

Time Of Your Life

Verse 1: G    C9        Dsus4          G Another turning point a fork stuck in the road G              C9        Dsus4             G Time grabs you by the wrist directs you where to go Em          Dsus4           C9         G So make the best of these days and don’t ask why Em      

Jesus Of Suburbia

VERSE 1 ——- C#                                A# I’m the son of rage and love       The Jesus of Suburbia F#                               G# The bible of none of the above, on a steady diet of C#                                A# Soda pop and Ritalin               No one ever died for my F#                                               G# Sins in Hell, as far as I can tell, at least


E                   G Hear the sound of the falling rain D               A              E Coming down like an Armageddon flame (Hey!) G The shame D                      A The ones who died without a name E                    G Hear the dogs howling out of key D             A              E To a hymn called “Faith and Misery” (Hey!) G And bleed, D                   

Macy’s Day Parade

Intro: B B Today’s the Macy’s Day Parade G# the night of the living dead is on its way E F# B with a credit report for duty call B it’s a lifetime quarantee G# stuffed in a coffin ‘10% more free’ E F# B Red light special at the mausoleum E Give me something


Intro A D G D x4 Verse w/intro This is a public service announcement This is only a test Emergency evacuation protest May impair your ability to operate machinery Can’t quite tell, just what it means to me Keep out of reach of children Don’t talk to strangers Get your philosophy from a bumper sticker

Dissapearing Boy

INTRO: A    F#    G     D  x2 VERSE: A        F#             G Now you see me, now you don’t. D Don’t ask me where I’m at. A           F#            G        D Cause I’m a million miles away. A       F#                 G Treated like a forbidden heal. D Don’t say my thoughts are not for real. A           F#            G        D


(Intro) G C G (x6) (Verse) G C G Clenching my teeth tight G C G My head is like a sponge G C G Give it to me free (Pre-Chorus) E I wanna get ripped off G And drown in the airwaves E Another fatal wreck G On the Information highway (Chorus) Am           F

Christie Road

erse 1: G Staring out of my window E                                                C Watching the cars go rolling by My friends are gone D I’ve got nothing to do G So I sit here patiently E Watching the clock tick so slowly C Gotta get away D Or my brains will explode


INTRO: A  D   A  D verse A                 D              A        D i dont know you, but i think i hate you! A                  D           E You’re the reason for my misery A                 D                    A           D Sweat dead, you become right here as: Dead no man! A            D                E and i never ever seen your face! Chorus D