Category: Killing Me Inside

Let It Go

Intro : Am C F 2x Am F G 2x Am F G Am F G Am F G I try so hard to make you mine But it’s so hard Am F You said that you just wanted me G And I’m not sure Am F G But you don’t care you make me

Tanpa Dirimu

Intro : Bm G D 2x G Bm G Aku memang bukan yg terbaik untukmu Bm G Dan aku memang bukan yang terindah bagimu Bm Mungkin semuanya tidak seperti dulu G Bm Saat kita bisa berbagi bersama G Aku takkan rela bila kau tak ada A Disiku Reff : Bm G A D A/C# Kuberlari


Intro : D G D G D G I hope you know D But I always try G To be a good man untill my last breathe D G I can pretend D The feeling for you G You make me feel like I`m free again Bm G Let me kiss you Bm G Let

The Tormented

Intro guitar/piano —————————————————-| ——————-5-6-8-5-6————————| —————–7———–5—-7-9-10-12-10-9-5~-| ————–7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7–8-8-8-8-8—8–8-8—| —————————————————-| —————————————————-| continue ———————8-0—————————-| ——————-5—–6————————–| —————–7———5—-7-9-10-12~~———| ————–7-7-7-7-7-7-7–8-8-8-8–8————-| —————————————————-| —————————————————-| D Bb C 2x For the last time !! D Bb C You waste my tears now, no more torment D Bb C But don’t just say u’ve gone away D Bb You tell a fuckin’ tale C (Swallow me