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Not Alone

APPEGIO PLAYED OVER 1st verse REPEATEDLY e————————–I B————————–I G————————–I D———3—————-I A—-2——-4–3–0–3—-I E–0—0——————-I 1ST VERSE I break down, fear is sinking in The cold comes, racing through my skin Searching for a way to get to you Through the storm you… CHORUS G Dm F C Dm A# Go, giving up your home G Dm F

New Divide

e|—————–| B|—–0—3—0—| G|-0———2—–| D|—2—2——-2-| A|—————–| E|—————–| Intro : Em G D A x4 Em I remembered black skies G D A The lightning all around me Em I remembered each flash G D A As time began to blur Em Like a startling sign G D A That fate had finally found me C And

The Little Give You Away

Am, D x2 Am                      D Water grey through the windows Up the stairs Am                    D Chilling rain Like an ocean Everywhere Chorus: C Don’t want to reach for me do you? F I mean nothing to you D The Little Things Give You Away C And now there will be no mistaking F The levees

A Place For My Head

Tuning D#-G#-C#-F#-A#-D# A#|—–0-0-0-1-0——————-|   (Repeat x8) F#|—————2-0-0———–2-| C#|-2-2—————–3-3-3-2-3—| G#|—–2-2-2-3-2-0—————–|   (Repeat this in the verse) D#|-0-0————-3-3-1-1-1-0-1-3-| Verse: I watch how the Em Moon sits in the sky in the dark night C Shining with the light from the sun Em The sun doesn’t give light to the moon assuming C The moon’s going to owe it one

Valentine’s Day

——- Verse 1 ——- Dm F C My insides all turn to ash, so slow. Dm F C And blow away as I collapsed, so cold. Dm F C A black winter been away, from sight. Dm F C Another darkness over day, that night. ———- Pre-Chorus ———- Bb C And the clouds above move

Somewhere I Belong

A# When this began, Db I had nothing to say, Ab                                  F# And I’d get lost in the nothingness inside of me. A# I was confused, Db And I let it all out to find /that I’m, Ab                                         F# Not the only person with these things in mind. A# Inside of me, Db But all

Shadow Of The Day

Verse 1 G#min           D#min         E,F# I close both locks below the window. G#min           D#min        E,F# I close both blinds and turn away. G#min           D#min        E,F# Sometimes solutions aren’t so simple. G#min           D#min        E,F# Sometimes goodbye’s the only way. Chorus B          C#min         G#min, E,F# And the sun will set for you, B          C#min         G#min, E,F# The

One Step Closer

Intro : Em C Am Em X 2 Am       C            Am   Em I cannot take this anymore C                    Am      Em I’m saying everything I’ve said before C All these words they make no sense Am                    Em I find bliss in ignorance C Less I hear the less you’ll say Am                   Em But you’ll find that


Intro: EM C G D * 2 Verse 1: EM                  C I’m tired of being what you want me to be G                   D Feeling so faithless lost under the surface EM                       C Don’t know what you’re expecting of me G                        D            C      D Put under the pressure of

Lying From You

Em When I pretend everything is what I want it to be C                              D I look exactly like what you always wanted to see Em When I pretend, I can’t forget about the criminal I am C                               D Stealing second after second just cause I know I can but Em I can’t pretend this is