Category: Muse

Time Is Running Out

Verse 1: Am I think I’m drowning, B7 Asphyxiated, E7 I wanna break the spell F That you’ve created. Verse 2: Am You’re something beautiful, B7 A contradiction, E7 I wanna play the game, F I want the friction. Pre Chorus: Am     B7    E7       F You will be the death of me, Am             B7     E       

Sing For Absolution

Intro & Verse Tabs: Dm              Bb              E/G#            A7 E|–1—–3-1—–3-1—–3-1—–1-0—–1-0—–1-0—–1-0—–0–| B|————————————–3——-3——-2——-2—-| G|—-2-3—–2-3—–2-3—–2-3—–1——-1——-0——-0——| D|——————————————————————-| A|——————————————————————-| E|——————————————————————-| [Verse 1] Dm Lips are turning blue Bb A kiss that can’t renew E/G# I only dream of you A7 My beautiful Dm Tiptoe to your room Bb A starlight in the gloom E/G# I only dream of you A7          |