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29 September 2007 admin 2

Intro: D Bm x2 D                    Bm Ooh… such a cold day D                       Bm When regrets… cuts through your veins G                     D    A/C# Lights… are fading Read More

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Hard To Feel

12 September 2007 admin 1

Intro: Em Bm C G (2x) Em             Bm Breathing is so hard C                  G I know you were right Em         Bm We can’t be together Read More

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Kau Dan Aku [english Version]

10 July 2007 admin 0

Intro : C Dm Am G C Dm Em Am G F 2x C       Dm      Em Is it a time to talk Am      G       F Or is it a time to wait C         Dm       Em This is a time for one source Am         G     F By killing my own believe C      Dm          Em When love is all that i know Am   G  F Love is faithless C       Dm     Em You and i were meant to be Am           G    F Wanting that i believe * C         Dm Can i believe you and i Am        G Will never be apart C             Dm Can still believe you and i Read More

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