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Time To Dance

Intro: C D Em x many times C              Em              G Well she’s not bleeding on the ballroom floor D                      C Just for the attention Em          G Cause that’s just rediculosly on C                Em Well she sure is gonna get it G Here’s The setting C                          Em Fashion Magazines line the walls now G                        D The

When The Moon Met The Sun

G       E    Am All was golden in the sky G        E      Am            G All was golden when the day met the night G             Am When the Sun found the Moon Em              G She was drinking tea out in a garden Am             Em Under the green umbrella trees G In the middle of summer G              Am

When The Day Met The Night

Aadd9                      Badd11 When the Moon fell in love with the Sun F#m    E      Esus4/A All was golden in the sky E      Dsus2    F#m         E All was golden when the day met the night E5            Bmaj11/Eb When the Sun found the Moon E7sus4/D     C#m7 She was drinking tea out in a garden Cmaj7          Bsus4 Under the

The Piano Knows Something I Dont Know

G                                F# I won’t cut my beard and I won’t change my hair Em                              Bsus4 It grows like fancy flowers but it grows nowhere G        F# My hair, my hair Em                                   Bsus4 If I could build my house just like the Trojan horse G                        F# I’d put a statue of myself upon the shelf Em        

That Green Gentleman

Bb Eb Bb Eb Bb Eb Things are shaping up to be pretty odd. Bb Eb Little deaths in musical beds. Gm F Eb So it seems I’m someone I’ve never met. Bb Eb You will only hear these elegant crimes, Bb Eb Fall on your ears from criminal dimes. Gm F Eb They spill

Shes A Handsome Woman

F# Innocence. Bbm               C#sus2 Sunk the glow and drowned in covers, C#sus2       G# send for all your absent lovers things. F# Sheepish Wolves. Bbm         C#sus2 Looking lived in eating buttons, C#sus2              G# Wink, just don’t put your teeth on me. {Intro Riff} F# Accidents. Bbm         C#sus2 Let the evening in the backdoor, C#sus2       G# filled

Pas De Cheval

Intro: E E E E E E E |————–0—-| |—–0—–0–0—-| |-0h1—0h1—-1—-| |————–2—-| |————–2—-| |————–0—-| E                  B Oh, little did she know Esus4/A Couldn’t let me go E Already a part of her E              B So, often do I need Esus4/A People in between E That just can’t get a hold of it B So we’ll

Northern Downpour

INTRO: F, Bb (Those two chords done repetitively) F                         Bb If all our life is but a dream F Fantastic posing greed Bb Then we should feed our jewelery to the sea Bb           Dm             F For diamonds do appear to be F           Dm              Bb Just like broken glass to me F                            Bb And then she

Nine In The Afternoon

Verse 1: C Back to the street where we began Am Feeling as good as lovers can you know F Yeah we’re feeling so good C Picking up things we shouldn’t read Am It looks like the end of history as we know F It’s just the end of the world C                        B Back to

Nails For Breakfast Tacks For Snacks

Em Watch your mouth G                  Am your speech is slurred enough C                      Em that you might swallow your tounge G you’d want to give up the ghost Am        C with a little more poise than that Em                          G Or was it god who chokes in these situations? Am               C             Em            G   Am   C Running Late?