Category: Paramore


Intro: Bbm Guitar 2: e|————————————-9———–| B|-11———-11———-11————11—-11–| G|—-10—-10—-10—-10—-10—-10——10—–| D|——-11———-11———-11—————-| x2 A|————————————————-| E|————————————————-| e|———————————-13———| B|-11—-9—-11—-9—-11—-9———-9—-| G|———————————————| D|—-11—11—-11—11—-11—11—-11—11-| A|———————————————| E|———————————————| e|—————————–11-| B|-11—-9—-11—-9—-11——-| G|——————————–| D|—-11—11—-11—11—-11—-| A|——————————–| E|——————————–| Verse 1: F# How can I decide what’s right Ebm Bbm when you’re clouding up my mind I can’t win your losing Fm fight all the time F# How can I ever

When It Rains

Intro/Chorus Riff: eb|——————————————————————| Bb|—————————-9–9———————————-| Gb|——–9—–9—–11–11————9—–9———————| Db|—–9—–9—–9—————–9—–9—–9———-9——-| x2 Ab|—————————————————12–12—-11—| Eb|——————————————————————| E C#m And when it rains, A E C#m On this side of town it touches, everything. A E Just say it again and mean it. A We don’t miss a thing, You made yourself a bed E At the bottom of the blackest hole A

I Caught Myself

*Background Guitar* e||–4——4——7—–7—-| | B||—-5——5————5–|.| G||——6——6—-6——–| | D||—————————| | A||—————————|.| E||—————————| | (Repeat as many times necessary throughout the song) Beginning Chords: Aadd9 C#m E Aadd9 F# E (x2) Aadd9 Down to you, You’re pushing and pulling me down to you. But I don’t know what I, Aadd9 Now when I caught myself, I had

That’s What You Get

Intro: G  G  A  Bm A (2x) Verse 1 G                          A              Bm No sir, well I don’t wanna be the blame, not anymore G                              A             Bm It’s your turn, so take a seat we’re settling the final score G                 A       Bm  A And why do we like to hurt, so much? G                        Bm I can’t