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You’re Not Alone

[Intro] Bm, G Bm, G [Verse 1] Bm It’s just like him G To wander off in the evergreen park Bm            G Slowly searching for any sign A                     Bm Of the ones he used to love.. G He says he’s got nothing left to live for G (He says he’s got nothing left) A And

You’re Not Alone

[Intro] D5, Bb5 D5, Bb5, C5 [Verse 1] D5 It’s just like him Bb5 To wander off in the evergreen park D5 Bb5 Slowly searching for any sign C5 D5 Of the ones he used to love.. Bb5 He says he’s got nothing left to live for Bb5 (He says he’s got nothing left) C5


Am7/E – C/E – Gadd11 – Fadd9/E Am7/E           D7sus4/E                     Fadd9/E I miss the part, when we were moving forward now Gadd11 (On our way down) Am7/E           D7sus4/E                      Fadd9/E But maybe someday, I’ll be something more than love Gadd11 Just know I’ll never tell Am7/E                    D7sus4/E And when you’re on your way down (Through the clouds)

Seven Years

E         D Taking on seven years Bm                 C the holy ghost had left alone E            D Test my arms, kick like crazy Bm               C I’ve been trying way too long E                             D only push the way off to fight you Bm                            C Now I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m not sure E      D Getting off my

Morning Sorrow

D              A Twas but a cold and lonesome night, G             C when I finally realized. . . D                A realized that the only true love in my life, G       A          G        A desires not me . . . no, . . not me. . B     A         G yes, of course not me, B           A         G

Mookies Last Christmas

Bm                  G                Esus2 From throat and eyes came winter and reasons G I’m told to carry on Bm            G          Esus2     G Sad overwhelms my senses drown oh I feel dependent Esus2                     Gsus2 The feeling that you were honest before Esus2         Gsus2 I can’t shake it… Bm                  G Make the same mistake twice D                     Asus2 Burst

I’ve Been Dying To Reach You

Verse C#5 Dear child, they’re asking us to move B5 I watched her taking off her shoes C#5 B5 (Let the shore tide take you in, let the shore tide in) C#5 I’m weary, I’m not quite rested yet B5 This could be obvious to you C#5 B5 (Let the shore tide take you in,

I Can Tell

Verse 1 We try, but Avalon is always beside me AM                   C And I’m falling apart, where is my home? Fmaj7                G5 A riot grows in his eyes opened up AM                   C I once believed that I would set you in line Fmaj7                G5 Chorus If you keep asking me I’ll melt away in the

Bury Your Head

VERSE: F-O C# A are you feeling fine, you’ll be coming clean tonight E D and i’ll be falling down with you once again, F-O C# A call me your valentine but call me once tonight E D i will then say it’s okay. PRECHORUS: D E the things you said, i’m rehearsing them C#