Category: Scorpion

Send Me An Angel

Am      C          D5        Bm The wise man said just walk this way G           D To the dawn of the light Am       C     D5        Bm The wind will blow into your face G              D As the years pass you by Am        C          D5     Bm Hear this voice from deep inside G            D It’s the call of

Wind Of Change

[Intro:] F, Dm, F, Dm, Am7, Dm Am7, G C                Dm I follow the Moskva C Down to Gorky Park Dm      Am7  G Listening to the wind of change C                 Dm An August summer night C Soldiers passing by Dm      Am7  G Listening to the wind of change [Interlude:]  F9, Dm, F, Dm, Am7, Dm

You And I

Intro: E C  E  Am  Dm  C  G C           Am  Dm                 G I lose control  because of you babe C            Am Dm                  G I lose control  when you look at me like this C                          Am            Dm          G there’s something in your eyes that is sayin’ tonight C                     Am I’m not a child anymore, life has