Category: Simple Plan

No Love

Intro: D – G – D – G – Bm – A – G Verse 1: Bm    A       G            D Staring out at the world across the street. Bm         A                 G     D You hate the way your life turned out to be. Bm            A     

When I’m Gone

Intro: Gm Gm I look around me Eb But all I seem to see Bb It’s people going nowhere Cm Expecting sympathy Gm It’s like we’re going through the emotions Eb Of the scripted destiny Bb Tell me where’s our inspiration Cm If life won’t wait Eb I guess it’s up to me Chorus 1:

Worst Day Ever

Verse C It’s six am, the clock is ringing, C I need to spend and hour snoozing. A                   G I don’t think I’m gonna make it. C I punch in I’m still sleeping, C Watch the clock but it’s not moving. A                 G ‘Cuz everyday is neverending, F                   G I need to work, I’m always

Whats New Scooby Doo

Verse 1: C Whats new scooby doo? G We’re coming after you F            Am You’re gonna solve that mystery C I see you scooby doo G The trail leads back to you C Whats new scooby doo? Verse 2: C Whats new scooby doo? G We’re gonna follow you F            Am You’re gonna solve that


VERSE 1: Ebm I open my eyes F# I try to see but I’m blinded by the white light Ebm I can’t remember how I can’t remember why F#           C# I’m lying here tonight B               C# And I can’t stand the pain D#m           F# And I can’t make it go away B               C# No I

Shut Up

Intro: C – – C/B – F – – G    x2 Verse: C There you go F You’re always so right G It’s all a big show F It’s all about you C You think you know F What everyone needs G You always take time F to criticize me Prechorus: Am It seems like

Perfect World

Intro: Am F C G x2 Verse 1: Am                 F I never could have seen this far C                  G I never could have seen this coming Am            F               C    G Seems like my world’s falling apart, yea Am          F Why is everything so hard? C                  G I don’t think that I can deal Am With

One Day

Intro: C – F – G – F      x2 Verse: C              F                  G Sometimes this house feels like a prison F          G       C That I just can’t leave behind F There’s so many rules G I got to follow F     G   C Cause you can’t let go Prechorus: F I don’t wanna hear it G               

My Alien

INTRO:  A     E   F#m   D        x2 A                       E                    D I’m sick of being alone, when are you coming home? E Just a glimpse of your face A                        E                      D I can remember smelling your hair, I’ll meet you anywhere E Somewhere that no one can retrace D                           E Somewhere where no one will know our

Meet You There

Verse 1 C Now you’re gone, I wonder why F You left me here, C I think about it on, and on, F and on, and on, and on, again. C                              F I know you’re never coming back, C I hope that you can hear me, F I’m waiting to hear from you.. Until i