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Dear Father

Intro: B-F#/Bb-G#m–F#–E x2 Verse 1: B              F#             G#m Address this letter to Dear Father E I know you as complete unknown B              F#               G#m I guess it’s better you don’t bother E All our truths should be left alone B–F#–G#m–E Be left alone B-F#/Bb-G#m–F#–E Be left alone Verse 2: B               F# I learned the things

Still Waiting

Em    C So am I still waiting G              D For this world to stop hating Em           C                   } chorus Can’t find a good reason G               D Can’t find hope to believe in 2x    Em    C    G    D Em          G Drop dead a bullet to my head Em             G Your words are like a gun in

Speak Of The Devil

G Trying to find a way Em Getting better everyday C                     D And I got you now I’m not alone G                      Em All I need in this life is one C          D One thing to believe in G                Em I’ve seen many a face C From young and too old D I’ve stolen their faith

Some Say

Bm                        Dm Some say we’re never meant to grow up Em                    G I’m sure they never knew enough Bm      Dm             Em I know the pressures won’t go away G It’s too late Bm                   Dm Find out the difference somehow Em                       G It’s too late to even have faith Bm        Dm             Em Don’t think things will

So Long Goodbye

G  Cadd9  D  G G  Cadd9  D  G G              Cadd9   D         G As time passes by, direction unknown G              Cadd9   D             G You’ve left us now but we’re not alone G          Cadd9       D         G Before you know it your cups overflown G            Cadd9      D              G You measured no one that I’ve ever known Cadd9        D    

Slipping Away

D-Em-G-Em-G-D-Em-G-Em-G Verse: D                  A               Em  G I’m slip – ping        a-way D    A            G                Em  G in ev    –    ry  way D               A               G    Em  Gm I can’t          stay         awake D            A            G        Em  Gm I’m slip    –   ping    a-way Chorus: Em        G5 I’m trying to make it through each day D                     A I’m falling


Dm                 Bb I tried to be perfect F                     C But nothing was worth it I don’t believe it makes me real I thought it’d be easy But no one believes me I meant all the things I said Bb If you believe it’s in my soul F       C I’d say all the words that I

No Brains

F#m                 D Can’t step in my way A                       E Head first and love and dismay F#m                        D It’s like beating the dead A                          E I can’t stop going out on my head F#m                                D Whatever this could be I never know A                                    E I never said it’d be the end all to be all D

March Of The Dogs

B         F#              G#m I don’t believe in the politics, E                B Of chosen fools and hypocrites, F#                 G#m Who walk a line that tread so fine, E                 B Is death or glory had in mind? B                F#m And here we go again, it’s mass delusion, G#m No one knows, E                  B Who’ll lead this revolution

Look At Me

intro: [A – E] F#m – Bm [A – E]  [half timed] A    E  F#m Look at me Bm who am i supposed to be? A         E what do i believe? A   E    F#m can you tell me? Bm since you made up your mind A                   E who knows what you believe D    A     E