Category: System Of A Down


Intro: Cm Eb 2x Cm Cm G# G Cm Cm G# G Cm Eb 2x Cm          Eb Conversion, software version 7.0 Cm                                     Eb looking at life through the eyes of a tired hub Cm                Eb eating seeds as a pastime activity Cm                  Eb the toxicity of our city, of our city Cm Now what do

Soldier Side

A                 F#m G#m                  G#m  B Dead men lying on the bottom of the grave A                       F#m G#m                  G#m  B Wondering when saviour comes is he gonna be saved A                          G#m Maybe you’re a sinner into your alternate life A                        G#m Maybe your a joker maybe you deserve to die Chorus: A                                     G#m They were crying


Intro: Em (plucked)-Em-D#m (repeat and repeat)-Em (not plucked)- Em (plucked) Verse: Em (plucked) Sweet berries ready for two ghosts are no different than you Ghosts are now waiting for you C   B7 Are you… Em (plucked) Sweet berries ready for two ghosts are no different than you Ghosts are now waiting for you C Are

Old School Hollywood

Intro F#m Old-school… Hollywood… Base…ball, Old-school hollywood BASEBALL Single-strum x12 in time with synth, then F#m  F#m  F#m  F#m  Bm  Bm  F#m F#m Verse 1 Bm Tony Danza cuts in line F#m Old-school hollywood, washed-up hollywood Bm Standing in the sun, I’m wasting my time F#m Old-school hollywood, washed-up hollywood Prechorus Bm Old-school hollywood baseball


intro a|—8–7^-| F|-5—-5^-| intro (cont’d) d|————-5———-5———————-| a|—8—-7-8———7-8—8-7——8-7—7—–| F|-5—-5———–5———–7-5———-5—| fill G|-333111-0-0-0-| C|-333111-0-0-0-| (go away!) palmuted main riff G|-0–6-10–0–33-11-| C|-0–6-10–0–33-11-| verse 1 a|——-12^–| F|-12^——–| bend and release according to rhythm on cd fill d|-8——8——-| a|—12^—–12^–| chorus C|———-7-7-| G|-00000000-5-5-| C|-00000000—–| other thing G|-7p6-6-7p6-6-7-7-| C|-7p6-6-7p6-6-7-7-| verse two a|——-12-12-| F|-12-12——-| outro G|-5-5-4-4-3-| C|———0-|

Lonely Day

Em     C           G       B7 Such a lonely day, and its mine Em       C                  G    B7 The most lonliest day of my life Em     C           G         B7 such a lonely day, should be banned Em    C               G     B7 Its a day that I cant stand chorus: Em       C                  G    B7 The most lonliest day of my

Fuck The System

Tune:C G C F A D The beginning has a little high note riff I haven’t quite figured out yet, but the rest is as follows: Riff 1 C]0-2-3-0 G]0-2-3-0 C]0-2-3-0 Riff 2 P.M. C]0-2-3-0-00-2-3-0 G]0-2-3-0-00-2-3-0 C]0-2-3-0-00-2-3-0 Riff 3 P.M. D]                              10-8-10-8 A]                    10-8-10-8 F]          10-8-10-8 C]10-8-10-8 Riff 4 P.M. G] C]10-10-8-10-10-8-10-10-8-10-10-8 Chorus C]0-2-3-0-8-8-0-2-3-0-10-8-10-8 G]0-2-3-0-8-8-0-2-3-0-10-8-10-8


drop c tuning (CGCFad) intro riff G|-6-0-5-0-6-0-5-0-6-0-5-| C|-6-0-5-0-6-0-5-0-6-0-5-| verse G|————————-| C|-6-5-6-5-6-5-6-5-6-5-6-5-| palmuted fill C|——5h6——| G|-5h6——-5h6-| chorus G|-6-5-8-7–7-6-5-6-7–8–6—7-6-5-6—8—6–| C|-6-5-8-7–7-6-5-6-7–8–6—7-6-5-6—8—6–| bridge C|-6-0-5-0-666-5-|


dropd c tuning (CGCFad) intro d|-15%—-| %=tremolo pik main riff G|-55555555555555-| C|-55555555555555-| palmuted verse C|-7-5—————-| G|—–7-6-5555555555-| C|———5555555555-| chorus G|-7-9-7-8-5-5-6-4-5-3-4-2-| C|-7-9-7-8-5-5-6-4-5-3-4-2-| bridge G|-444444444-4444444444-5555555555-5555555555-| C|-444444444-4444444444-5555555555-5555555555-|

Chop Suey

intro clean struming (suppose to be done on 12 string) |D|————————————————————| |A|————————————————————| |F|—555555555555\777777777777\444444444444\222222222222——| |C|—777777777777\999999999999\555555555555\333333333333——| |G|—000000000000-000000000000-000000000000-000000000000——| |C|————————————————————| intro distorted |D|————————————————————| |A|————————————————————| |F|—5-5-5–7-7-7–4-4-4–2-2-2——————————-| |C|—-7-7-7–9-9-9–5-5-5–3-3-3——————————| |G|————————————————————| |C|————————————————————| p.m. ______ ______ ______ ______ intro |D|-8–8–8–8–8–8-10-10-10-10-10-10-7-7-7-7-7-7-12-12-12-12-12-12| |a|10-10-10-10-10-10-12-12-12-12-12-12-9-9-9-9-9-9-14-14-14-14-14-14| |F|—————————————————————–| |C|—————————————————————–| |G|—————————————————————–| |C|—————————————————————–| main riff full distortion 2x’s |D|—————————————————————————| |A|—————————————————————————| |F|—————————————————————————| |C|8\7\8\7\8\7\8\7-7\6\7\6\7\6\7\6-10\9\10\9\10\9\10\9-12\10\12\10\12\10\12\10| |G|8\7\8\7\8\7\8\7-7\6\7\6\7\6\7\6-10\9\10\9\10\9\10\9-12\10\12\10\12\10\12\10| |C|8\7\8\7\8\7\8\7-7\6\7\6\7\6\7\6-10\9\10\9\10\9\10\9-12\10\12\10\12\10\12\10| main riff part 2 full distortion 2x’s |D|————————————————————|