Category: The Ataris

In This Diary

Verse 1 F#m           E Here in this diary, A            D             F#m         E I write you visions of my summer. D It was the best I ever had. F#m           E There were choruses and sing-alongs, A              D and that unspoken feeling. F#m                 E              D Of knowing that right now is all that matters. F#m     E                    A

I Remember You

G            C Woke up to the sound of pouring rain, G                C The wind would whisper and I’d think of you. G                  C And all the tears you cried, that called my name. D            C And when you needed me I came through. G   

Begin Again From The Beginning

Intro: G–Em–C–D/F#–Em–G–C–B7–Em–Em/Eb–D–Am–C–Cm Guitar 2: * means harmonics e|————————- B|————————- G|-5*—-5*—-5*—-5*—- D|—-5*—-5*—-5*—-5*- A|————————- E|————————- Verse 1: G C I traveled to each road and the end of the earth G C With no where else to go I looked back in amazement Em D C When I finally realized how farther I had actually gone Em

Bad Case Of Broken Heart

D Today I’m missing something B In this small New England town G Here’s to you my best friend A I just wanted to say that I miss having you around D I’m starring at your pictures B And dreaming that I could hold your hand G We would walk down to the ocean A

As We Speak

E5 (let ring) E5(II) It’s nice to meet Db5 Someone with a future as fucked up as mine B5 So I’m predictable A5 Is this some fucking sign of the times? E5(II) I take pride Db5 in what I do and I do it well Call me easy going B5 but at least I have

All You Can Ever Learn Is What You Already Know

Verse 1: D                      Bm                        G Is this how it was intended? The sunrise over smoke stacks in the Midwest, A the beauty of this abandoned factory. D           Bb              Bm             D Christmas lights blinking on and off all out of time G                A                             Bb in what used to be, your pink house dreams of a middle

Act V Scene Iv And So It Ends Like It Begins

Intro: F#m–D-E (x2) Verse 1: F#m the smell of incense D               E it fills the air inside this room F#m                            D    E cast of light colorly strewn about the floor F#m a casket lined with pills D               E and the bitter taste of absinth F#m            D              E to wash it down and so it ends

A Soundtrack Of This Rainy Morning

Intro: G–Eb (x2) Verse 1: G     Eb           C         Eb             G All this useless beauty is haunting to my heart D/F#              C           Eb Dim the headlights, lay beneath this Starry sea of night Refrain: cm            Bm           Bb              Eb Oh, sounds of silence so enchanting, all embracing cm             G So seductive and so pure Chorus 1: C

The Saddest Song

Bb   G   F  Eb Bb             G                F Only two more days, until your birthday Eb Yesterday was mine You’ll be turning five I know what it’s like, growing up without your father in your life G        F       Bb        Eb So I pretend, I’m doing all I can G     F               Eb And I hope someday you’ll