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Undone Sweater Song

Intro: (Play 8 times) E ——————————- B —2-3—-2-3—-4-3—-2-3—- G -1——1——1——1——– D ——————————- A ——————————- E ——————————- (play the intro throughout this part) Call me   baby       … I can     sing and   … F#     B       C#         B If you want to … F#        B           C#      B Hold this thread … Intro part again x2 (play the intro


[Chorus] D   F#          G      A I’m dreamin’ in the mornin’ D            F#          G    A I’m dreamin’ all through the night D        F#         G         A        D    F# And when I’m dreamin’ I know that it’s all right G         A Woo, hoo, hoa I’m dreamin’ in the evening I’m dreamin’ all through the day And when I’m

Freak Me Out

G  Cmaj7  x 4  w/ harmonics G               Cmaj7 City streets at night G               Cmaj7 Can be so intimidating Am I’m not the toughest guy G                   Cmaj7 I gotta keep my eyes open You came out of nowhere G                       D Man you really freak me out G I’m so afraid of you D And when I

Fallin For You

Intro: Cm Cm E [—–15—-11—–15—-11–] B [–11—-11—–11—-11—–] G [—————————-] D [—————————-] A [—————————-] E [—————————-] Verse: [G] Cm Fm Holy cow I think I’ve got one here Bb G D# Now just what am I supposed to do Cm G# I’ve got a number of irrational fears Bb D# that I’d like to share with

Damage In Your Heart

Em            C One more time D               G I have crossed the line Em          C    D Now you won’t be mine anymore Em            C One more dream D            G Vanished up in smoke Em          C    D Now I have no hope anymore G    C Let


Verse 1: D Chess is such a difficult game Bm A    D So many pieces D So many squares where you can go Bm A   D So few promises PreChorus 1: G                      D Never you mind all the others G                    D Anticipating your next move G I know it’s hard A ‘Cause you’ve got a

Baby One More Time

Intro : Am, E, C, F, G —————— Verse : ( Am, E, C, F, G) Am Oh baby, baby E                       C How was I supposed to know F               G That something wasn’t right here Am Oh baby, baby E                        C I shouldn’t have let you go F                   G And now you’re out of sight,

Across The Sea

G   Bm  Em D You are 18 year old G         Bm       Em          D girl who live in small city in Japan. G         Bm   Em    D You heard me, on the radio. G          Bm   Em            D About one year ago and you wanted to know, G     Bm  Em           D all about me, and my hobbies. G