One Drop

G          Em
Feel it in the one drop
C                             D
And we’ll still find time to rap
G       Em
We’re making the one stop
C                D
The generation gap
G           Em
So feel this drum beat
C               D
As it beats within
G       Em
Playing a rhythm
C                        D
resisting against the system
G        Em               C
Ooh-we I know Jah’d never let us down
C                       D
Pull your rights from wrong
G       Em              C
I know Jah’d never let us down
Oh no! oh no! oh no!


G                        Em
They made the world so hard
C                      D
Everyday the people are dying
G                  Em        C            D
From hunger and starvation,          lamentation
G                Em
But read it in Revelation
C                     D
You’ll find your redemption
G                                            Em
And then you give us the teaching of His Majesty
C                      D
For we no want no devil philosophy

G         Em
Feel it on the one drop
C                          D
And we still find time to rap
G           Em
We’re making the one stop
C                   D
And we fill in the gap
G          Em
So feel this drum beat
C             D        G               Em
As it beats within, playing a rhythm
C                          D
Fighting against ism and skism

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