My Sacrifice

[D]hello my friend we meet again its been a while where shoud
we[B] begin ? [G]feels like forever [D]well in my hart a memory, A
perfeet love that that you gave to[B] me! O[G]h I remember

[G]When you are w[D]ith me, I[Asus2] am free, I am c[B]areless, I bel[G]ieve
above all the o[D]thers with [Asus2]life this brings t[B]ears
to my e[G]yes, my sacr[D]ifice

[D]We’ve seen our share of up and downs Oh, how
quickly life can turn a[B]round, in an [G]instant
[D]it feels good to reunite, within yourself and
within your m[B]ind, lets find p[G]eace there

i[D] just want to [D]say hello again (x2)

then go to the chorus but don’t use distortion then choruswith distortion