Em7         G          Em7               G
Ohhhhhhh…..Ohhhhh…. on&on&on&on&on…..on&on&on&on….
Em7                G
Em7                      G          Em7                         G
I am lost in the see thru…….. , I think you lost yourself too…
Em7                          G       Em7                        G
Thru out all of this confusion….., I hope I some how get to you…
D                                       G
I’ve practiced all the things I’d say , to tell you how I feel
D                                      G
But when I finnally get my chance it all seems so surreal.
Em                                  G                       Em
Cuz from the first time I saw you I only thought about you , I
G                      C
didn’t  know you I wanted to hold on to , The things you’d never say
to me , And you said….
( Chours)G         Em                 C    D      G              Em
You can’t change the way you feel…… , But you can’t tell
C                D           G         Em
me this ain’t real cuz this is real …. , and in the end its all
C    D   G        Em        C       D        G      Em
I’ve got……. , so I’m gonna hold on & on & on & on , on & on & on
C        D ( let ring)
& on & on ….
Em7                             G             Em7
And now you’ve got me watching your eyes… , you got me waiting just
G           Em7                      G           Em7
to see…. , if it goes the way it never will… , your eyes are
G           D                                        G
watching me ohhhhh , and now youve got me thinking bout the first
D                            G
time that I met you , standing in a crowded room , but I could only
Em                                     G
see you , and I hope my words will get thru cuz now I can’t forget
Em                G                         C
you , I wanna tell you if only I could reach you , and make you feel
this way and you said…..

Repeat chours 1X

At the end of the chours after the on & on & on stuff then you go :
G           Em          C       D     G          Em            C
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh on &on &on… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh on &
D    G
on & on

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