E]Turn away [B]
If you could get me a [C#m]drink
Of water ’cause my [Am]lips are chapped and faded
Call my [E]Aunt Marie [B]
Help her gather all my [C#m]things
And bury me in [Am]all my favorite colors
My [F#m]sisters and my [A]brothers sti[B]ll,
I [G#/C]will not [C#m]kiss you
‘Cause the [F#m]hardest part of t[B]his is leavin’ y[E]ou

Now [E]turn away [B]
‘Cause I’m awful just to [C#m]see
‘Cause all my hair’s a[Am]bandoned all my body
Oh my [E]agony [B]
Know that I will never [C#m]marry
Baby, I’m just [Am]soggy from the chemo
But [F#m]countin’ down the [A]days to g[B]o
It [G#/C]just ain’t [C#m]livin’
And I just[Am] hope you know

That [E]if you say
EaugGoodbye today
I’d [C#m]ask you to be true
F#m B C# Caug E/B E(b5)/Bb’Cause the hardest part of this is leavin’ you
‘Cause the [F#m]hardest part of th[B]is is leavin’ y[E]ou

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