Work Of Heaven

Intro : E EM A7 D D7

One moment lost and passing me by
Fleding me from my own destiny
Em                                                              C                           D
Taking away my pride cracking me into pieces… making me like a fool
G                                                         G
So now I stand here with this conviction… reaching our for perfection
Em                                                   C                      D      D7
I put my life at stake for any reason… it’s time for turning back

Even getting my soul
Even getting my self
                             A7         D
Stranded in this (so) lonely world

G                                                              G
Although I’ve been hurt and things have fallen… shattering before eyes
Em                                                             C                            D     D7
I know I have something inside of me … and that'(s  what) make me strong

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Reff :

             C                                  G       
From this moment on I’ll live
              Em               D9
From this moment on I’ll  stand
             C                                 Em            D9
From this moment on I’ll  be the best I can be

Interlude : C B AM G  2X

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