Nails For Breakfast Tacks For Snacks

Watch your mouth
G                  Am
your speech is slurred enough
C                      Em
that you might swallow your tounge
you’d want to give up the ghost
Am        C
with a little more poise than that
Em                          G
Or was it god who chokes in these situations?
Am               C             Em            G   Am   C
Running Late? No no, he called in. he called in—–.

Em              G
the hospice is a relaxing weekend getaway
where you are a cut above all the rest
sick and sad patients on first name basis

with all the top physicians

Perscribed Pills
Em             Am
to offset the shakes
to offset the pills         [Chorus]

you know you should
G    Em            Am    C
take it a day at a time

Em  G                     Am
That’s when you stutter something profound
to the support on the line
and with the way you’ve been talking
G               Am            C
every word gets you a step closer to hell.
Em               G
No, I just can’t help it.
Am        C
To say what everyone else is thinking
Em     G         Am      C
let me state the obvious again

[Chorus x2]

Em                 G
I am alone in this bed, house and head
Am              C
she never fixes this but at least she
Em   G
I am alone in this bed
Am              C
she never fixes that but at least she
makes me forget

[Chorus x2]